Super cool! Congratulations!
From PC School District:
Cathryn Provines, third grade teacher at Parley's Park Elementary, has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright Teacher Exchange grant. For the coming school year, Provines will swap her school assignment here in Park City for one in Knutsford, England. Knutsford is a suburb of Manchester and has a population of about 20,000. Provines will be teaching second or third grade at Bexton Primary School.
Cathryn is excited about this new opportunity. "My son and I are extremely proud and grateful to become part of the renowned Fulbright Exchange Program," said Provines. She goes on to say, "I hope to model that dreams can come true."
Provines' eight-year-old son, Mitchell, will accompany his mother and attend the same school. They begin their adventure in Washington, D.C., where Provines will attend a five day orientation before departing for England.
To balance the exchange, Ms. Rachel Leese will leave her classroom at Bexton to teach third grade at Parley's Park. Ms. Leese has already spoken to Provines' current third grade class via telephone. "They [her third graders] loved listening to Rachel's acent," said Provines.
Provines hopes to continue to communicate with students at Parley's Park throughout the year. "I have a vision that the children in Ms. Leese's class and my class will be able to connect on a global level. Throughout my experience abroad, I hope to promote a mutual understanding and respect between the United States and other nations. I will ultimately be servinag as a cultural ambassador."