This should be an interesting mix of programs and philosophies, as Park City Academy "is an independent school that embraces Christian principles and values." While the Colby School has often been a haven for many of the area's Jewish families. Perhaps this is why Colby's Head of School Dr. Amy Fehlberg was let go back in May, she may not have been so keen on this change of direction.

The Colby School and Park City Academy (PCA) Boards of Trustees voted unanimously to combine resources and assets in order to form the Park City Day School. Scheduled to open in September of 2010, the new Park City Day School will model its mission, by-laws, and comprehensive core curriculum on those of the most successful independent schools around the country. The regional branch of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) will evaluate and accredit the new school.

Park City Academy’s current Head Administrator, Charles Sachs, will lead the new school. With degrees from Colgate and Middlebury and graduate work in education at Kansas, Connecticut, and Harvard, Mr. Sachs has taught, coached, and administered independent day and boarding schools around the country since 1975. Now in his third year at Park City Academy, Mr. Sachs previously headed Barstow School in Kansas City and Pulaski Academy in Little Rock.

“The Colby School and PCA will continue operations as separate entities this year,” explains Mr. Sachs. “Next year, by combining the assets and faculty of these two great schools into one, we will achieve both the critical mass of students and sufficient capitalization to allow the breadth and quality of educational programming to provide students the broadest possible array of academic and life options.”

With an anticipated annual per-pupil expenditure of approximately three times the state average, Park City Day School’s operating budget will comprise tuition income and tax-exempt philanthropic giving. The new school will continue to provide financial aid and a personal learning environment where every student can be individually recognized and where student/teacher/family relationships can flourish. The school’s core curriculum will include reading, writing, math, science, foreign language, history, vocal and instrumental music, visual arts, drama, physical education, athletics, and outdoor education.

“The Park City Day School is an exciting opportunity for independent education in Park City,” notes William Winstead, Board Chair of The Colby School. “We are excited to do our part to provide this new educational choice for all the children and families of Park City and surrounding areas. Our objective is to graduate life-long learners with a mastery of academic knowledge, personal skills, and educational competencies—in technology, writing, critical thinking, and public speaking.”

About the Park City Day School. Located on two campuses in Park City (the Pinebrook campus and the Colby campus), the new school will serve approximately 325 boys and girls from three-year olds through Grade 8. Committed to social, ethnic, and cultural diversity, the Park City Day School will pursue a challenging academic curriculum for all students and establish high moral standards guided by a values-based philosophy based upon cooperation, kindness, appreciation, and respect — for oneself, for others, and for the environment.