Leadership Park City is proud to announce that Lisa Cilva Ward, Co-Director of Leadership Park City was awarded the PRECEPTOR AWARD by the Community Leadership Association at its annual conference in Long Beach, California this past weekend.

The Preceptor Award is the highest recognition given by the international Community Leadership Association which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. CLA represents over 800 community-based leadership development programs in the United States and around the world.

The Preceptor Award recognizes the cornerstone of successful leadership development efforts – a program director. Lisa Cilva Ward was honored for her outstanding creativity, trusteeship, ethics, mentoring, communication skills and dedication to the concept of strengthening and transforming communities. She was one of only three Preceptor Award winners worldwide in 2009.

In presenting the award, Dick Hammond, Conference Chair, spoke of Lisa’s key contributions over the past decade to Leadership Park City and especially her emphasis on ethical leadership and finding your passion. “At heart”, he said, “Lisa is a doer. She is in constant motion. In a small, intimate community like Park City in which people cannot hide, your word and especially your deeds are well-known. Lisa is known as an ethical, energetic and socially conscious individual whose life exemplifies all the best aspects of leadership and trusteeship. She truly leads by example.”

“Leadership Park City is incredibly proud to have Lisa recognized by this prestigious international organization”, said Myles Rademan, Co-Director of Leadership Park City. “Working with Lisa these past 10 years has been a treat; she brings so much warmth, empathy and creativity to our program, and has kept us at the forefront of innovation. I can’t think of an individual more deserving of this recognition.”

Lisa Ward was a participant in Class 3 of Leadership Park City. She then when on to help establish and run the Jump In! High School Leadership program, before becoming a programmer and then co-director of Leadership Park City.

Leadership Park City is an award winning community leadership program now in its 15 year. The year-long leadership program has over 400 alumni who are intimately involved in all aspects of community life and governance in Park City and Summit County.