(Courtesy Intermountain Health Care/Park City Medical Center)

Park City Fire District firefighters Dusty Sexton, Chaz Ray,
Rafher Hartt, Eric Anderson and Leroy Fernandez have been selected as Park City
Medical Center’s “EMS Crew of the Quarter” for their recent life-saving work.

“We got a call that a young man was unconscious and not breathing,” said
Hartt. “The caller reported the patient was already blue, and when you hear that, you
know it’s a bad situation.”

Upon arriving on scene, Hartt and Anderson immediately attended to the patient,
establishing an airway, hooking up IVs and administering crucial medications.

Meanwhile, Captain Fernandez secured the scene and got vital information from
witnesses. “When we receive calls like this, we are pushed hard to use all the skills
we’ve trained for under intense pressure,” he said. “I’m very proud of this team. They
kept their composure and took control of the situation, which ultimately saved the
patient’s life.”

The patient was transported to Park City Medical Center, where Dr. Heather
Huffman-Dracht and the paramedics continued to work side-by-side until he was

“I think the public can feel reassured that all the facets of the emergency system
work as a team. From the dispatchers who receive the initial call, to the EMS
response team, to the hospital staff, we all work together. And in the end, that
teamwork saves lives,” added Fernandez.

Hartt, who was the primary care giver at the scene stressed that anytime a crew
goes out on a call, it’s always a team effort, regardless of who is responsible
for specific duties. “There are no star players and no quarterbacks. Everyone is
essential when people’s lives are at stake.”