Park City Sunrise Rotary Club will travel to Guatemala to deliver vision equipment and assist in vision testing.


Park City, Utah (October 12, 2008) - Members of the Park City Sunrise Rotary Club in association with The Hope Alliance will be traveling to El Estor, Guatemala in November to deliver much needed vision equipment and assist in administering vision testing to provide help restore vision to the local people.


The region surrounding El Estor, is home to many people suffering from poor vision,

cataracts and blindness that can be helped through simple procedures performed with

needed vision equipment and the helping hand of a few generous Rotary volunteers.  For many of these people the solution is simply vision correction glasses.  The Rotary Club members will be traveling with suitcases full of 7,500 pair eyeglasses, 1,500 reading glasses and 500 pair sunglasses.  Members of the Club will be trained to operate the equipment which tests for vision prescription, then identify glasses from the supply that will restore clear vision to a great many people in need.


The trip is being organized by Park City Sunrise Rotary and Hope Alliance member Ken Barfield and will include 19 members and family.  The group will travel to El Estor on November 6, 2008, and be in Guatemala for 11 days.  Conducting vision clinics for five full days.  “This is a beautiful part of the world and the rewards experienced helping these wonderful people achieve clear vision are beyond measure,” says Barfield.  “Watching the look on their face when they put on their new glasses and are able to see clearly is deeply moving and gratifying.”  The group will travel by boat from El Estor back to Guatemala City after the vision clinics and is able to squeeze in a side trip to visit the pyramids of Tikal.


For more information on the Park City Sunrise Rotary Club, Hope Alliance and how you can help or donate to this Guatemala cause contact:

Ken Barfield,         

Mobile  801-580-5654