Technically, The Learning Center is a charter school in Park City, serving special needs kids, but in fall 2010, there will be a new charter school open in town - the Weilenmann School of Discovery. They are having an open house event to learn more about it on the 11th, and will be guests on the MOUNTAIN MORNING SHOW on Monday. Very exciting news, as charter school = no charge to parents!


The Weilenmann School of Discovery is opening next fall. Our new 55,000 square foot facility will be located a mile west of Pine Brook's Quarry village.

Please look at our website for information on the school and Charter Schools in general.

The Weilenmann School of Discovery will be an academically challenging elementary program which will eventually go through to eighth grade. Our vision is for students to have a comprehensive education, including a strong, consistent, professionally taught program in The Arts with a seamless technology component, connecting and enhancing all core academic subjects.

From our website : Why WSD?

The Weilenmann School of Discovery is designed for students and parents seeking an academically challenging, individualized education. Our goal is to provide optimal learning experiences in all subjects. WSD provides a quality choice for families with high expectations for their children’s education.

WSD pays attention to studies which show that test scores improve in schools with arts programs. WSD believes all children need to be challenged to their highest potential through the educational benefits of art and science study, integrated technology, and teaching beyond the test. WSD recognizes that the elementary years are a time of rapid brain development and the formative years of one’s identity. Childhood is a precious and remarkable time in which learning is motivated by the joy of discovery.

WSD will offer a stimulating, comprehensive education for your student. Our school’s resources will flow directly to support student learning including effective administrative staff and highly qualified teachers who are paid competitive salaries and benefits. Parents will have strong influence in the school’s organization and direction and will be encouraged to participate at a high level for the school's success.

WSD is an independent district with a unique mission and philosophy. Teachers are empowered to use innovative techniques in supporting students’ academic strengths and specific learning needs. Creative teaching methods motivate students to understand and apply knowledge and skills outlined in the Utah Core Standards.

Basically, we are offering a choice for Park City parents who want their students to be educated at a higher level.