Park City snow removal crews are geared up and ready to haul snow.  The City has expanded its snow hauling capabilities with the addition of three plow vehicles and a new loader with snow bucket, as well as the replacement of a skid loader and snow blower. “Last year’s snow removal exceeded all previous records in Park City.”
Pace Erickson, the City’s Operations Manager explained that “the addition of this equipment will help us keep up with snow removal in large snow years.”


The City also has new rules in place in regulate private snow removal companies.  Effective December 15, contractors must identify snow removal on their business license application and their equipment must display a City snow removal sticker.  We’ve had problems in the past with snow removal contractors pushing snow onto the right-of-way in violation of City ordinance,” Erickson explained.  Licensing the snow removal contractor ensures that they are aware of the City regulations and also provides a means to identify violators.


The 2008 – 09 Snow Removal Guide, which will be mailed the first week of December. It outlines the new snow removal contractor licensing requirement, as well as new policies for clearing sidewalks and fire hydrants.  For more information about snow removal in Park City, contact Pace Erickson at 435-615-5311.