A Community Open House to discuss potential improvements to Hillside Avenue will be held on Thursday, September 25 from 5:00p – 7:00p. The Open House will be in Room 205 of the Library and Education Building at 1255 Park Avenue.


Park City Municipal has identified improving Hillside Avenue as part of its Old Town Improvement Study.  Hillside Avenue is approximately 14 foot wide road at the top (south) end of Park City’s Historic Downtown District, connecting Main Street to Marsac Avenue.  Because of the extremely narrow road width, only one vehicle in either direction can negotiate the road at any given time.  Existing historic retaining walls along the south edge of the road further restrict the driving lane(s).


The City will engage a professional design firm to evaluate a range of issues including different types of retaining walls, upgrades to the existing water main and storm drain modifications, and to examine the potential for curb, gutter and sewer.  City Engineer Matt Cassel explains that the Open House is a first step in this process and that “no design or engineering decisions have been made. The information received at the Open House will be included in the design and engineering conceptual plans that will be presented to the public later this fall.”  The project is slated for the 2009 construction season. Cassel and representatives from the proposed consultant firm will be on hand at the Open House to discuss potential improvements, answer questions and receive community input.


The City Council will consider the contract for the project design team at its October 2 meeting. For more information, contact City Engineer Matt Cassel at 435-615-5075.