Attention Summit County landowners:

Are you tired of hunters wandering across your land?

Do you have a lot of deer/elk/grouse/targets on your property?

Do you want the state to pay you $$?

Check out this new program from the DWR...

Landowners Benefit from New Wildlife Program

Private landowners are gaining more control over how and when people access their property. And they’re receiving money for allowing the access!

Utah’s new Walk-In Access program is the reason for the positive changes. The Division of Wildlife Resources administers the program. Here’s how it works:

If you own property that has good wildlife habitat and meets certain requirements, your property may be eligible for the program. As the landowner, you agree to allow hunters or anglers access to your property. But that access is allowed only on terms you agree to. Together, you and a DWR biologist decide:

- When sportsmen can access your property.

- Where they can park.

- Where they can enter your property.

- The rules they must follow.

- The wildlife species they’re allowed to hunt.

- Whether they need to contact you before accessing your property.

In return, you as the landowner receive:

- A yearly payment from the DWR.

- More control over how and when people access your property.

- More patrols by DWR conservation officers.

“This program has been very successful in northern Utah,” says Jo Proctor, the DWR’s Walk-In Access biologist in central Utah. “In just three years, more than 50,000 acres of private property have been enrolled in the program.

“Now we’re expanding the program into central and northeastern Utah.”

Proctor says the DWR has received dozens and dozens of positive comments from landowners who have enrolled their property in the program. “Most of the landowners who decide to enroll their land have friends who already have property in the program,” she says. “Once their friends tell them about the positive experience they’ve had, they want to get their property into the program too.”

How to sign up

If you’d like to enroll your property in the program, call Proctor at (801) 602-8837. You can also e-mail her at

Learn more

Your property must meet certain requirements to get into the program.
The requirements and more information about the program is available at

You can also call or e-mail Proctor with any questions.