Yes, you read that right, I'm already worrying about January 2010 - because I just started taking a look at the calendar.

Jan. 14-16: FIS Freestyle World Cup at Deer Valley
Jan. 22-23: U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix/Olympic Qualifier at PCMR
Jan. 21-31: Sundance Film Festival.
Ummm...yeah that's going to be a crazy 3 weeks for us here at the station. For that matter, I'm not sure when or how we're going to cover the Grand Prix smack dab in the middle of the festival, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.
Park City's Olympic Pipe Rides Again
The historic pipe where U.S. athletes swept the men's podium and won gold in the women's event during the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002 will entertain the masses with Olympians again. The Grand Prix makes its final stop at Park City Mountain Resort for back to back night competitions, after which the winners will be crowned and the 2010 Olympic halfpipe team will be named.

Among the athletes stoked to hit the Park City pipe is White who, after having dinner with PCMR owner John Cummings, took to his Twitter page to spread the good news.

"Had dinner with John Cummings," White wrote. "Super nice guy, he told me Park City is having Olympic qualis mid Jan! booyeah!"

A reduced field comprised of the highest scoring athletes from previous tour stops will throw down the best tricks in their bag in an attempt to be one of the few named to the Olympic halfpipe team when the event is over.

"It's the perfect place to close the story of the Olympic team selection," Clark said. "The pipe has the tradition of being one of the best in North America. They put a tremendous amount of pride and energy into their venue. They are very excited to have this here."

In addition to hosting the Olympic halfpipe competition in 2002, Park City also held a Grand Prix the following December in which the Olympic medalists all returned for competition in their glory stomping ground.

With well over 100 national athletes expected to compete for a shot at the Olympic team, the 2010 Grand Prix series will be the hottest series of halfpipe competitions across the U.S.