Normally, this blog is a place to get info on events and other happenings in town, but occasionally, I'll throw myself into the mix.  Today is one of those days.

Saturday, I had the rare chance to go skiing.  With a wife who works every Saturday, I get to spend that day with my little girl (hopefully we'll have her on skis next year), but we had some credits at daycare so I took the chance for some turns.
I headed up to Park City Mountain Resort for a couple of hours - it was a beautiful day, sunny, warm, and even though we haven't had much snow lately, it was still nice.  
But it wasn't the conditions that made my day (though they didn't hurt), these three things did:
1)  I decided to do some laps up on Jupiter Peak, and coming down Scott's Bowl, I saw another guy stop about halfway down with that look of trepidation that says "what have I gotten myself into."  Funny thing is, that guy is normally me, but today, I went up, told him that yes, it would be a bit tight, but just to take his time and he'd be down it just fine.  Then I went and did just that.
My skiing wasn't necessarily pretty, but I did make it down under control, which suddenly made me realize that maybe I am a decent skier after all and that crazy terrain doesn't need to freak me out (thanks Kristen Ulmer's Ski to Live!).  After that, I decided that there was a lot of stuff I could go hit and have fun with.  I hiked up a little higher in Scott's, hiked the traverse on West Face, did some trees off McConkeys and generally felt great.  
I also hit plenty of groomers (having some Yacht Rock on the iPod is perfect for that!) and smiled all day.
2)  Got off of Motherlode, and was heading towards Silverlode lift when I saw a man struggling with a ski problem in the middle of the slope.  I asked him if he needed help, and long story short, after fiddling with some gaff tape and a ski pole, I was able to fix his binding and send him on his way.  He was visiting from Atlanta, and gave me some Chick-fil-A coupons (where he works), so karma paid off.   Earlier, I helped a beginner skier who was having trouble standing up after a fall pop her skis off and get going as well.  It was good samaritan day, I guess.
It always amazes me how often people will just blow by someone who has fallen, is trying to get their skis on, or just looks lost.  What's your hurry?  At least ask if they need some help - what's the worse that can happen, you help them out and make their vacation a little bit better.
3)  So now I'm feeling good about my skiing, feeling good about my place in the world, when the best ego-boost of all hits.  I'm riding Silverlode and chatting with the folks on the chair.  It comes up that I work at Park City Television, and one of them asks "Do you know Ori?"
When I told them that I was Ori Hoffer, you'd have thought that Tom Brady (or Gisele) or some real celebrity was on the chair.  Pictures were taken.  Phone calls were made to friends (I had to leave a message).  Requests were made to go ski some runs with me.  Beers were bought at the Corner Store (I had to get back to pick up Ilana).
I don't get a lot of feedback on the show.  There aren't many comments to our blog, people don't send in photos for Pix of the Day, so to meet two actual fans was a real pleasure.  I guess I could see how something like that could get old for folks like Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan, etc.  but once in a while, it was nice.  
Thanks to Chip and Craig for making my day.