When it came to basketball, Michael Jordan absolutely owned the Utah Jazz – particularly in the playoffs. Apparently he has such fond memories of the state that he just had to buy some of it.

Despite the fact that we have Olympic gold medalists, baseball hall of famers, and tv and movie stars from A- to D- list living here in Park City, nothing has gotten the community as excited as the news that His Airness recently purchased a house up at Glenwild.

Another Glenwild owner is one of Jordan’s attorneys, and the noted golf fanatic had been out a couple of times this summer to play the state’s top-rated course. Being able to hit drives as far as his good friend Tiger Woods does at sea level was apparently more than MJ could resist, so he made “an offer they couldn’t refuse” on an existing home that was somewhere in the $5-7 million range.

And even though the house resides in a gated community, word is that some folks have been cruising by, hoping to get a glimpse of air Jordan.

No word on whether MJ used his forearm to shove any other potential buyers out of the way to make his purchase.