In case you've missed some of the great action that's been going on here in Park City already this summer, we wanted to make a quick post highlighting some of our favorite events from this summer. Without further adieu, here are our top five packages from the first half of the summer!1. The Reebok Spartan Race 2. The Heber Valley Pow-Wow 3. The Rugby National Championships 4. The Bell Enduro Cup 5. The Raleigh Midsummer Nights Cyclocross

If you've been missing all this great action, it sounds like you might need to consider a change in where you're spending some of your time. In which case, we'd like to take this moment to highlight Karin Gage. Karen represents some of the finest Park City real estate. If you are looking to relocate or find that great vacation home, be sure to check out what she has to offer!