Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 are invited to a unique focus group on the subject of Personal Accountability on Wednesday November 12, 2008 at 6:00 pm in the Reid Building in Park City.


Linda Galindo, President of Versera Consulting and content consultant for CRM Learning’s best selling video, “Accountability that Works!” is hosting the focus group on the topic; Accountability that Works! for teens.


Participants will view the 23- minute video and then critique the program’s relevance and how it relates to their generation and experience of Personal Accountability.  Parents interested in the concept can sign up for a similar focus group at a later date.  Refreshments will be served and participant opinions will be utilized to develop a relevant presentation for teens based on the concept of Personal Accountability.


After viewing a 23-minute video, the teen participants will be asked for their views on the topic of personal accountability and how, from their point of view, it is best communicated in their words to other teens.  The program’s focus is on taking ownership for one’s own actions and learning from mistakes. 

Linda Galindo’s accomplishments and current activities include; she is a faculty member of the Governance Institute, a leading independent source of governance information and education; Board of Director’s for NASBA’s (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy), Center for the Public Trust; Speaker and author on the “High Performance Accountability” CD. Author, “Way to Grow Cultivating the Weeds, Daisies, and Orchids in Your Organization.” Talk Show Host for the weekly radio call-in program, “The Consumer Healthcare Show”; Content development of the seven part, computer-based training curriculum, “Mutual Respect and Cultural Competency in Health Care.” Development of the “Personal and Organizational High-Performance Assessment” and evaluation methodology that provides a statistical analysis of an individual’s mindset about accountability and mother of two Park City students.