The film, "Up In The Air", won 6 awards including Best Film at the 168 Festival held in Los Angeles.  The Best Film Award was presented by Producer Ralph Winter ("XMen") and Zach Levi, star of the television series, "Chuck".  82 films from around the world entered the competition where filmmakers are given 168 Hours (One week) to do an 11-minute film based on a verse of scripture from the Bible.  The awards are as follows:
Best Film (Produced by Chris Roberts, Doug Folsom, Wes Llewellyn)
Best Scriptural Integration (Wes Llewellyn)
Best Cinematography (Brandon Lippard)
Best Editing (Chris Witt)
Best Sound Design (Jerrold Launer, Martin Kittappa)
Best Supporting Actor (Lonnie Colon)

Until recently, local producer Doug Folsom was the pastor of St. John's Anglican Church.  He says, "I want to thank the people of St. John's Anglican Church in Park City, Utah who supported me in producing the film while I was pastor of the church. They helped by hosting 12 filmmakers from Los Angeles, providing transportation, catering, and craft services.  Three members also had supporting acting roles:  Shannon Cunningham, Sonia Wirkus, and Skip Slyfield.  Other members helped as extras.  Several parishioners also helped by donating their airplanes for filming." 

The church will be screening the film on Saturday, April 18th, at 7pm.  The church has a HD projection system with a 16'x9' screen and is located in the burgundy building at the Quarry Villlage Shopping Center, Jeremy Ranch exit 141 off of I80.