With ski season fast approaching, there are sure to be plenty of folks out there with closets/garages full of skis, boots, poles, clothes that they want to swap out for new stuff.

Sure you can go to the ski swaps that are coming up (CLICK HERE FOR DATES/LOCATIONS) , but sometimes you don't want to deal with all the hassle of hauling your stuff to the place, only to have to haul it back out if it doesn't sell.
A Park City local has come up with an answer to that. According to an article on Skiing Magazine online,
Localskigear.com was founded by a Park City engineer named Steve Schueler. Here’s what Schueler had to say about his site: “Put some of your product on there. Tell anyone else you know who is interested in buying and selling ski gear. The more people who find out about it the more it will meet people’s needs. It is set up for local sales and interactions between skiers and boarders. The idea is that locally-based transactions benefit your town and the environment by recycling and reusing ski and snowboard gear, reducing the environmental impacts of having to ship gear, and keeping the money in the community which strengthens local economic vitality. Plus, you keep all the money, we take nothing.”

So go through your stuff and share it with someone who wants it.

-- UPDATE: The folks at Snowlist.com also wanted you to know they have gear classifieds as well.