Ski Utah is having too much fun these days - I guess without much snow, you have to come up with new ways to amuse yourself.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Ski Utah is absolutely thrilled by the new ‘ski’
license plate recently issued by the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles. The
new plate features ‘The Greatest Snow on Earth’ and depicts the majestic
Wasatch Mountains with the figure of a skier in front of them. In
celebration of the new plate, Ski Utah has decided to play some cards in the
form of license plate poker.

License plate poker is simple to play and all Utah vehicle owners are
eligible to enter. Contestants must email a picture of their new plate with
their name and city to in order to enter. License plate
letters and numbers are scored like poker hands. The player with the highest
plate will hit the slopes next winter with a brand new pair of Rossignol
skis and bindings or a Burton snowboard with bindings. Ski Utah will accept
new contestants throughout the 2007-08 winter season.

“We were so excited by the new ski plate, we just had to have some fun with
it,” said Ski Utah president, Nathan Rafferty. “License plate poker is a
great way to get people as excited as we are about this new plate… and win
some great gear too.”

The rules of License Plate Poker are just like classic poker only the
letters on your plate substitute for the cards in your hand. The new plates
contain six characters, consisting of one letter followed by three numbers
followed by two letters. These characters will act as your "cards." Your
hand will be the best five cards found in the number/letter combination
available from your plate.
• A=Ace, K=King, Q=Queen, J=Jack, 0 (zero) = 10, W = Wild Card
• All other letters are garbage (don't count for anything)
• Since we're using 1s, Aces are high
• Look for hands containing pairs of numbers or letters to make
three-of-a-kind, two pair, straight, full houses, etc.

Best hands are listed in order below:

1. Full House
2. Straight
3. Three of a Kind
4. Two Pairs
5. Pair
6. High Card
Some samples:
Your plate: A566RB your hand: pair of sixes
Your plate: K323AK your hand: two pair - kings and threes, kings high
Your plate: J908XQ your hand: straight - 8-9-10-Jack-Queen
Your plate: A444BA your hand: full house: - pair of Aces and three 4s, 4s

Vanity plates will also be honored and rewarded with cool new Ski Utah swag.

A few more rules…
1.) You have to have the NEW SKI license plate.
2.) You must be the owner of the car and be able to provide proof of
ownership in order to win.
3.) Rules are subject to change so check our Web site often to get the
4.) Don't like the rules or want to call our bluff, email
***we're making this up as we go, so rules may be added or scrapped at any

For more information or to enter, visit