The time has come... Sundance Film Festival has officially kicked off and Park City TV has already seen big faces pass through the studio. Today was a day for documentaries as Lauren Greenfield, the director of Sundance's most anticipated U.S. documentaries, stopped by during the Mountain Morning Show to talk about The Queen of Versailles. This film "follows billionaires Jackie and David’s rags-to-riches story to uncover the innate virtues and flaws of the American dream."*

World Documentary Searching for Sugarman director Malik Bendjelloul was also featured on In the Can to promote his documentary that followed American folk musician Rodriguez for three years, filming in Cape Cod and Detroit.

The Sundance Film Festival director Trevor Groth and Sundance's "party man" Christopher Ryan joined us for In the Can to fill us in on what's going on during this year's festival.

Slamdance programmers Paul Sbrizzi and Randalle Goode joined the Mountain Morning Show to talk about Slamdance Film Festival--which is running parallel to Sundance this year--as well as their movie picks.

Slamdance was created in 1995 by filmmakers who just wouldn't hear "no" when their films weren't accepted at Sundance. Since then, it's become "a year-round organization fostering the development of unique and innovative filmmakers."

This year, Slamdance takes place Jan. 20 - 26 at the Treasure Mountain Inn in Park City. Around 26 feature-length films will be showcased this year in competition and special screening categories. Their 2012 Shorts Program will be featuring over 75 short films.

Sbrizzi, a Narrative Feature Programmer, anticipates Heavy Girls, Kelly and Ok, Good to do well in the Slamdance feature category. For the Shorts Program, Sbrizzi said that Thumb Snatchers from the Moon Cocoon and People Parade are the shows to watch out for.

For the Slamdance schedule, take a look at their website.

Slamdance festival director, Peter Baxter will also be in the studio for Mountain Views this evening, airing at 6 p.m. The band High Octane will be featured as well along with Hello I Must Be Going, starring Melanie Lynskey, Todd Louiso and Christopher Abbott. Be sure to tune in!

--- * - Summary from the Sundance Film Guide