Julian Cardona, an internationally celebrated photographer who has lived and documented the immigration issues, drug cartels and senseless violence that has beseiged his town of Juarez, Mexico — a border community of El Paso, Texas will be in SLC as an artist-in-residence.  For a biogrpahy, profile on his work, and his international awards, please go to:  http://www.lannan.org/lf/cf/detail/julian-cardona-awarded-2004-cultural-freedom-fellowship

Spy Hop's Founder, Rick Wray, and Advisory Board Member, Geralyn White Dreyfous, are hosting a reception for Julian Cardona with local filmmakers Scott Carrier and Lisa Miller at the Spy Hop Productions screening room, Wednesday, October 15th, from 6:30-8:30 PM.  Two short films will be shown and Cardona will talk about his work documenting border issues and the rise of violence in Juarez -- 

To read the press release about the films that have been supported locally and are seeking completion funds (see  below).

Wednesday, October 15, 6:30-8:30 PM
Spy Hop Productions
511 W 200 S, Suite 100
SLC, UT  84103
Phone: (801) 532-7500
TRAX: Old Greek Town Stop
On Friday October 17th Ken Saunders Book Store Book Signing and Exhibit / Gallery Stroll — Free and Open to the Public 

Ken Sanders Rare Books
268 S. 200 East
Salt Lake City 
Phone: (801) 521-3819
This event is Free and open to the public 

Ken Sanders Rare Books is pleased to announce a book release party for Exodus, a new collaboration between journalist Charles Bowden and photographer Julián Cardona on Friday, October 17th from 6:00-9:00 PM. at our downtown bookstore and gallery (268 South 200 East). The evening will feature a reading and a gallery exhibit with Bowden and Cardona. Copies of Exodus will be available for purchase ($50.00 Hardcover) and signing at the event, as will prints of Cardona's stunning photographs. Book mail orders please add $6.50 shipping and handling. Utah mail orders add $3.40. 

The Drugs, the Divine and Soldiers in Ski Masks
Or simply, 
Juarez, Que Pasa?

SLCFC and SPY HOP Productions present two short documentary videos, Juarez, Que Pasa? and Juarez Insanity, Wednesday, October 15th at Spy Hop Productions screening room 511 W 200 S from 6:30-8:30 PM.  Guests will include award-winning journalists, photographer Julian Cardona, from Juarez, Mexico, independent writer-producer Scott Carrier and video producer Lisa Miller, along with Pastor Jose Antonio Galvan, whose humanitarian work is the subject of Juarez Insanity.
The backdrop for both videos is Juarez, Mexico, the largest and most violent border town on the US/Mexican Border.  Located just over the border from El Paso, Texas, the culture of violence has increased sharply in the past year, since Mexican President Felipe Calderon sent thousands of troops to the border to fight the drug war.  Drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamines are not only smuggled into the U.S. through Juarez, but now, a large percentage of Ciudad Juarez's population is addicted.  
Juarez, Que Pasa? is a work-in-progress by Cardona, Carrier and Miller.  The idea was to go beyond what the Mexican government and media outlets have been reporting about the sharp rise in violence.  To do this, Cardona picked up the video camera and the team went to people in Juarez asking, Que pasa en Juarez? What's going on here?  In this segment, Socorro Garcia, gives her account of what happened when four armed soldiers burst into a prayer meeting she was holding at a drug rehab center, and started spraying bullets.
PBS' Religion and Ethics, a magazine-style news weekly, recently acquired the story 
Juarez Insanity, about a born-again street preacher named Jose Antonio Galvan, who says it was the voice of the Lord who told him to pick up the deranged men he found on the streets of Juarez and build a place for them to live.   He is known as El Pastor and before he was "born again" he was an illegal immigrant who'd made a lot of money in construction in the U.S., and subsequently lost everything to drugs. 
Both projects have been supported locally and are seeking completion funding.  
Pastor Galvan will join Julian Cardona to talk about his work in Juarez; he has been the recipient of support from the Church of Latter Day Saints. 
Photographer Julian Cardona has lived most of his life in Juarez.  He has just co-authored 
EXODO/EXUDOS with writer Charles Bowden, chronicling the mass exodus of Mexicans across the border into the U.S.  Cardona and Bowden will be in SLC for a week at the invitation of Ken Sanders Rare Books to promote their book and give first hand accounts on what they have seen in the escalation of violence and exodus. For more information, visit www.kensandersbooks.com