Park City kickball/dodgeball/unicycle teams, heads-up!

CamelBak Searches for Unconventional Sports Teams to Join "Official Water Bottle Of" Campaign

Santa Cruz Derby Girls, San Francisco Sea Lions Underwater Hockey Sign On As Charter Members

PETALUMA, Calif. (March 5, 2010) -- Are you taking shots to the head on the dodge ball court? Body checking babes in a roller derby scrum? Diving full-flipper ahead for an underwater hockey slap shot?

If so, your team might be the perfect candidate for the CamelBak "Official Water Bottle Of" campaign -- a program designed to celebrate the less serious side of sport while underscoring the importance of proper hydration.

CamelBak begins a nationwide search today for teams and clubs that have an abundance of athletic ability -- applied in a quirky, eccentric way -- and a need to hydrate. Teams and clubs that would like to be considered are encouraged to visit and submit an application.

If chosen, CamelBak will provide BPA-free Better Bottles and t-shirts with the team logo, as well as promotion on the CamelBak Web site and its Facebook Fan Page. As "Official Water Bottle Of," CamelBak will have water-carrying rights at the teams’ sanctioned events, so members can enjoy the refreshing health benefits of H2O at every practice and every game.

CamelBak, which boasts two decades of hydration innovation and leadership, wants this program to highlight the importance of hydration in all fitness activities. It's looking to partner with passionate, athletic teams and clubs that break free from conventional fitness activities.