So who do I root for in the NCAA Men's national championship game?  Michigan State or North Carolina?

Coming from Ann Arbor, and a Univ. of Michigan grad, we tend to laugh at Sparty and their general inferiority complex they have with U of M.  Of course, they have the most successful hoops team of this decade, consistently getting to the Final Four, which Michigan just made it back to the tourney for the first time in 10 years this season.
On the other hand, I really, really wanted to attend UNC.  I didn't get in out of high school and then was wait-listed as a transfer (really Tar Heels, a 3.6 GPA at Michigan wasn't good enough for you)?  So deep down, I want to like Carolina, but they dissed me twice.
I guess I'll just have to hope for a close game followed by both teams losing scholarships for recruiting violations.