One thing I’ve realized about Park City is that you can do pretty much ANYTHING in this town. The resources are available for any activity or event you want to participate in. We have every season, the best ski slopes, the most amazing trails, gorgeous scenery, to die for shopping and food that you would never think to find in Utah, and a great community feel. These are just a few of the things I love about Park City. I’m always anxious to try something different and meet new people. Well, a new company in town, The Paint Mixer, gave me just that! I haven’t painted a thing since high school and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try it in a friendly and positive setting. When I showed up for my scheduled night at the Paint Mixer, I felt like I walked into a party. The bar was going, the music was up, and people were laughing and roaming around the room gathering their paint supplies from a corner table to get ready for their paint session.  Great company, good drink, and fun painting instruction all in one? This was not my high school painting class. From beginning to end, our amazing paint instructor, Malia, took the entire class through the steps of painting a scene on canvas. By the end of a few hours, every single person had their own completed painting to take home. Now that is success. The majority of the class had never painted before. There were one or two professionals that had attended with friends. At the end of the session, we took a class photo with everyone proudly holding up their canvas. I was speaking to Nicky Lecher, the owner, who said that some people had actually sold their paintings! For others, attending a class at the Paint Mixer was the beginning of a new and fulfilling hobby. For me, it was a reminder of something I loved to do but had forgotten about. School, family, work, and plain old life, had slowly pushed hobbies out of my schedule that I had found such joy in doing. Next time you fill your schedule, make time for something that really matters to you. Try something different. Or, try something you love doing but haven’t done in years.

 A big thanks to Nicki and Malia at the Paint Mixer! You ladies are fabulous.