So I was a little bummed to see the U.S. team lose to Austria in the U-20 World Cup this weekend. Because I don't get Telefutura, and ESPN chose to show the Rock, Paper, Scissors championships instead of this game (seriously...they'd rather show that than a real sport, way to go, "worldwide leader"), I didn't actually watch it.

But then I read the match report later, and was stunned to see that

"Erwin Hoffer scored the go-ahead goal in the 105th minute, just two minutes after he entered the game." (

As far as I know, we're not related in any way, shape or form, but still, it's pretty cool to hear your name shouted by announcers while listening to a soccer game...even if it is in Spanish.

I always enjoyed watching NBA games with Robert Horry in them, because his last name is pronounced like my first, so I could get to hear Marv Albert saying "Ori for three...yes!" In fact, I taped a Rockets game back in the day and recorded just that sound to use for my answering machine.