Got your attention? Good. I recently got a subscription to Wired Magazine, and the current issue had a great article that really made me think, called "The See-Through CEO." In a nutshell, the story called for companies to be truly transparent - telling everyone what it is they're doing, what their flaws are, and what are their company frustrations.

It seems counterintuitive, but what happens is that your customers trust you. They know you're not trying to spin things or pull anything over on them when you explain just how your business works.

To that end, I'd like to tell you one of my biggest frustrations with PCTV - people don't get us.

When I say that, I really mean two things: first, a recent study found that the Salt Lake television market is number one in the country when it comes to people who receive TV from sources other than cable, at nearly 48 % - that means almost half our potential audience from Provo to Salt Lake to Logan (as well as Park City), can't see us outside of our website (and how would they know to look for us online in the first place?).

For whatever reason, we have an exclusive deal with Comcast right now, and they've shunted us off to digital channel 102, which means that even among cable subscribers, probably half of those don't get us because they don't have digital cable yet.

Obviously, this is a huge disadvantage when it comes to pitching advertisers. Many of them have never seen the show, or used to watch when it was on Comcast channel 3, and now they can't find us anymore.

If anyone knows someone at DirectTV, Dish Network, etc. who can get us up on their systems, won't you please help!

On the other hand, there are plenty of local businesses who still don't advertise with us for whatever reason, yet they'll happily throw their money at the Park Record or Blair Feulner (I mean KPCW), despite the fact that neither of those outlets reach beyond Parley's Summit, nor do they have a big pull with visitors.

PCTV is a must-watch program for tourists each day who want to know the weather here in Park City, what events are happening, movie listings, etc. They don't necessarily want to know about school board and city council meetings or the latest water wars. That's the primary focus of the radio station (I used to work there, so I speak from experience) and the paper only comes out twice a week, so by their nature, they can't keep up.

Yet you try to explain that to potential advertisers, and we just get met with "well that's what everyone else does, and we have a limited budget."

How many non-meeting events does KPCW send a reporter to do a story on compared to us? How often are they out on the slopes actually looking at and showing you the ski conditions? How many local businesses do they go into and feature (OK, they do a few more of these, but usually it's an interview over the phone rather than anything with production behind it)?

Why am I telling all of you this (if anyone is actually out there reading this)? Of course it's in my self-interest. More advertisers = more money for the station = more money for me. But really, I'm just tired of seeing local businesses support either a greedy individual, or a big media entity.