BEAR LAKE RACK OF LAMB (from Table One Restuarant)Barley 1 Box of pearl Barley 12 cups Vegetable stock ½ tops. Salt 1 cup cream ½ cup parmesan cheese Stir barley and salt into boiling vegtable stock, cover and simmer for 45 to 50 min When all liquid is gone add cream and cheese and reduce by ¾ finish with fresh herbs Sauce 2 cups red wine 2ea. Shallots sliced 2 ea. Cloves of Garlic sliced 2 qt. Veal Stock Sweat shallots and garlic add wine reduce to ½ cup then add stock reduce to ½ qt and strain Basil oil ½ # fresh basil 1 ½ cups chef blend oil Bring a pot of water to a boil and blanch Basil and the shock in ice water, squeeze all the water out and blend basil with oil let sit over night then strain though coffee filter. Lamb Sous vide lamb at 133.5 f for 45 to 50 min then sear in pan

Ham Hock Terrine (Tavern Restuarant) 1 Ham Hock (ankle) 1 Carrot 1 Shallot 2 Sticks Celery 1 Tablespoon Lilliput Capers 10 Cornichons Cauliflower 1 tablespoon Butter 2 Tablespoons Heavy Cream Whole Grain Mustard 1) Boil the Ham hock in 1 gallon water for approx. 6 hours until the bone falls away. Remove from the stock and let cool, reserving 2 cups of the stock. 2) Chop the carrot, shallot and celery very small and then sweat off in a pan until tender. Chop the capers and cornichons very small and mix all together 3) Pick the meat from the ham, keeping it in large chunks, and mix the veg from step 2 in thoroughly. 4) Press the meat into a loaf tin and cover with 2 cups of the ham stock from step 1, place a heavy weight on top and refrigerate for 12 hours, or overnight. 5) Boil the cauliflower until tender, then blend with the cream, butter and mustard until smooth Cut the terrine into ¾ inch slices and serve with the cauliflower puree, some pickled vegetables and a handful of fried capers.