It is about time we change the subject. I think we're all a little battered and bruised from the last few months of witnessing (or participating in) campaigning, polls, and debate drama. The election will likely be front page news, and the next five articles after that, for longer than we wish or care.  So........we have a nice solution for you. To take your mind off of things, how about some Forbidden Broadway? We need a little laugh every now and then. Right now would be great.  The Egyptian Theatre has the answer for your weekend entertainment:

Whether you're a seasoned theatre-goer or new to Broadway, Forbidden Broadway is your one-stop ticket to non-stop laughs. Forbidden Broadway is a musical parody of over 30 Broadway hit-shows with outrageous costumes, hilarious lyrical rewrites, and dead-on impressions by a stellar cast direct from New York City! It's a fall-down funny musical-roast that continues to pick up award after award. Thursday-friday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 6pm

Christie Dilloway with the Egyptian Theater will be on the Mountain Morning Show, Wednesday November 7, at 8:AM. Tune in to hear more about Forbidden Broadway.