A note from my good friend Eric Ristau, filmmaker extraordinaire...

Greetings All,

For the past three months, my brother Damon and I have traveled throughout Montana, Utah and Idaho shooting a low-budget independent feature film, "The Best Bar in America."  With incredible actors Andrew Rizzo, David Ackroyd, Greg Collett, Lee McAfee, and many others, we have watched this film develop from an idea into a rich cinematic narrative.  We are incredibly excited about our progress as we enter the final three weeks of production.  At this point, we are looking for your help.  We are seeking assistance to finish the film, with both financial contributions and volunteer labor.  We are shooting the remainder of the film in Missoula, Montana, capturing the incredible array of drinking spots here- watering holes, gin joints, taverns, road houses, and booze barns.  It has been and will continue to be a great time.

Additionally, as principal photography is completed, we want to begin conversations with both film festivals and potential distributors, agents, and producers reps.  This project is special and we want it to have the right home with the right people involved.  As you'll see from the trailer, we are exploring issues that are on many peoples minds at present-- contribution to the greater good, connection with others, making a difference with the work we do, etc.  We feel that the American bar is the modern day campfire; the gathering place for conversation, connection, and the exchange of ideas.  Please help us to bring the idea of the Best Bar in America to the public.  Please forward the link to our trailer to anyone you think may be interested, intrigued, entertained or willing to help us complete this important film.

The new trailer for Best Bar in America is at: http://www.bestbarinamerica.com   Additionally, you'll find contact information, press coverage, and a blog containing behind the scenes accounts.

Thanks so much for your help and support.

Help him if you can...