In this time of tea party revolution, I think it's also time that Utahn's rose up and said, we want something different from our news.

For years, Salt Lake City Weekly has had a "Best Newscaster" category as part of their "Best of Utah" competition, and it always goes to the same old, blow-dried, suit-and-tie-wearing news anchor from the network stations.
I say that now is the time for all good men and women (and children and dogs and brussel sprouts and...) to say "we want a change."
How can you make that change?
By voting for me: Ori Hoffer, Park City Television host.
Why vote for me? Who else in this area can conduct a competent, well-thought out interview with either a local politician, Olympic athlete, Oscar-nominated actor, grafitti artist, snake wrangler or non-profit chair (who else would even try?).
Who else does it without a teleprompter, or any script at all for that matter.
So go to the website, login and vote for me. You'll be glad you did.