Random thoughts from the weekend...

...got to fly with Treat Williams in his vintage AT-6 (similar to this one) , my stomach isn't what it used to be. here it is Monday, and my head still feels icky.

...if you didn't go to the Songwriter Expo concert at the Canyons on Saturday night, you missed out on a tremendous show. Great song after great song, by folks like Brett James, Matt Scannell, Bob DiPiero, Hillary Lindsey, Tony Furtado and more. The best part was the way they would join in on each other's songs, instantly picking up the melody to give it more depth.

...Temple Har Shalom held its groundbreaking on Sunday morning for only the second synogogue in the state of Utah. Impressive, it's going to be a real jewel for this community.

...It's official. We did win an Emmy award for our documentary on "Blessid Union of Souls" (previous announcement was the nomination). PCTV had been nominated for another category as well, but we didn't win there. For those who don't know that PCTV does great content... look at the breakdown below. Aside from public TV station KUED, and Fox 13, we are the only ones to win Emmy's for actual aired content, not a promo.

If you want to see the full list of winners, go to rockymountainemmy.org and you can find it there.

For the record...
KSL, KJZZ & KBYU: 0 Emmys
PCTV (documentary - cultural), KTVX (news promo) & KSTU (spot news): 1 Emmy each
KUTV: 5 Emmys (for graphics, PSAs and station promos - not for content)
KUED: 8 Emmys