OK, yes, the swine flu is here in Park City (maybe).  Earlier this morning, the Park City School District shut down, giving the students a nice 5-day weekend, and sending parents scrambling, since local daycare centers followed the district's lead and closed their doors.

But is isolation really the best answer?  And really, is closing the schools effective?  The Park City skate park was jammed with kids huffing and puffing all over each other.  Surely, other households saw groups of kids all hanging out together - trading Playstation controllers back and forth without the requisite Clorox wipe in-between.
Beyond that, a New York Times Op-Ed piece by John Barry, author of "The Great Influenza" (talking about the 1918 pandemic) points out the following:
The first wave in 1918 was relatively mild, many experts speculate, because the virus had not fully adapted to humans. And as it did adapt, it also became more lethal. However, there is very good evidence that people who were exposed during the first wave developed immunity — much as people get protection from a modern vaccine.

So really, if you happen to get a case of the swine/Mexico/North American/H1N1 virus now, you'll probably have a better chance of surviving when the Superflu (like in Stephen King's "The Stand") hits in a few months.

Everyone, please calm down.  Right now, it's just a flu bug, and nothing to get so crazy about.  Another 24 hour news cycle, and I think we might have zombie rules implemented, where anyone with a cough or sniffle is fair game to be shot and their body burned.