A while back, I had the honor and pleasure of hitting some tennis balls with Lucy Dettmer, a 90-year-old Park City resident who just happens to be one of the top players in the country in her age group (or really any age group).

Now she's starting to get attention from sponsors who think she might be a better spokesperson than some 17-year-old Estonian.

“I’m in my first year, so I haven’t proven myself,” Dettmer said with all seriousness about her relationship with the company, which has sent her free merchandise, including rackets, strings and shoes.

But Dettmer, a Park City, Utah, resident, soon began referring to herself as “an old babe” and “the old lady.” She was merely someone receiving the same perks as people 70 years younger, because seniors like her enable companies to receive concentrated exposure in places that megastars may not be able to reach as effectively, like local tennis clubs.

That's from a story in today's New York Times. I hope I can get sponsors for my hobby when I'm that age...heck, I hope I can still have a hobby at that age.

- NYT: Older Players Lose the Swagger but Gain the Swag