Utah has more kids per capita than any other state. While this has led to the state having the lowest spending per pupil in the nation, it also means we're fertile ground for the "Supernanny" show. Turns out they're coming to town and looking for horrible children and slack parents they can fix.

Here's what they're looking for (contact info at the bottom):


As a Casting Producer for the ABC show Supernanny, I have the task of finding families for the fourth season of this highly popular reality series featuring Jo Frost. We are currently seeking families in the Salt Lake area and would sincerely appreciate help getting the word out to families who may have an interest in the techniques to parenting presented on the show.

In the interest of providing variety and interesting scenarios to our viewers, we have developed a “target” list of the types of stories we’d like to pursue.

Here’s the list:

Neighborhood of families/Desperate Housewives – A cul de sac or block in a neighborhood where there are multiple families in need of Supernanny’s help.

Big Family Event – parents who are afraid to go to family reunion, wedding, go on vacation, go on a road trip in an RV etc., because their kids are so badly behaved.

TEEN issues – curfew arguments, computer/online wars, attitude, boys acting like Eminem, girls trying to dress older, bad grades, bad friends, bad choices

Shared Custody situation – divorced parents who share custody but disagree on parenting methods

Sports-obsessed Parents - Peewee football/Little league Dads/Moms parents who push kids too hard in sports

Overweight/nutrition – family with eating issues

Manhattan/Upper Crust City Family

Adoptive parents

Multiple Families in One Household - More than one family living in one house

Mean Girls/Bully & Bullied pre-teen and teen Girls

Grandparents that Spoil their Grandkids –grandparents that watch the kids, so their spoiling really has an impact

Family whose job/lifestyle takes them on the road with their family (i.e. on a cruise ship, RV, a Mom who’s a trucker, etc.)

Family with a Nanny – Working/career parents who rely on a nanny

Parents who Dread the “birds and the bees” conversation with a child who’s ready for it

Single Dad

Multiples – triplets, quads, quintuplets

Hellacious Only Child – parents with only one child but it’s so bad it requires Supernanny’s full attention

I am open to any suggestions and/or ideas you may have to spread the word. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ricochet Supernanny.com
Cevin Middleton
Casting Producer
T: 323.904.4680 ext. 1047
F: 323.904.4681
E: cmiddleton@ricochettelevision.com
W: www.ricochettelevision.com

W: www.supernanny.com