Recycle Utah and the Green Building Center will sponsor a workshop on “Daylighting – Making Splendid Spaces and Saving Energy,” Tuesday, March 3rd from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Green Building Center,1105 Ironhorse Drive. Registration for this free workshop can be made by calling Recycle Utah at 649-9698.

      Tom Nafus, Daylighting Consultant for Utah Solar and Alternative Energy, will discuss how skylights, tunnels, breezeways and roof windows can alter the entire feel of a home or business and result in energy savings.

      “Rooms filled with natural light and fresh air are more beautiful, more spacious and more uplifting to the spirit,” Nafus said. “Daylight is the essential element that transforms conventional rooms into splendid spaces that add value and quality to your home and your life.”

      Nafus will also discuss productivity increases for employees working in naturally lit workspaces. “Daylighting through the roofs of commercial buildings provides optimal light distribution at the building's core while minimizing glare and avoiding fluorescent lighting that hurts people’s eyes,” he said.

      Tom Nafus has been in the business of designing, selling and installing skylights, sun tunnels for residential and commercial buildings for over 10 years.

      Nafus will also discuss recent changes in tax credit provisions afforded by the 2009 Economic Stimulus Bill. The 10% tax credit for energy-saving home improvements climbs to 30% and extends through 2010. A $1,500 cap applies on the credit rather than the different caps for different types of properties which had been the law. Improvements that qualify for the credit include energy-efficient skylights and sun tunnels.

      To register for the free workshop or for more information call Recycle Utah at 649-9698 or visit To learn more about Utah Solar & Power go to