Try saying that three times fast! The 15th annual Daredevil Dummy Downhill is back for another round -- it's tonight at 5 at Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort in Gad Valley.

So just what is the Daredevil Dummy Downhill? See our footage from last year's event below to find out!

Each of Snowbird's different departments builds a unique (and sometimes outrageous) sled, places a dummy on top then it's let'r rip down a hill and over a jump. The winning categories are Best Crash, Most Entertaining Jump, Most Creative Sled and Overall Winner.

Seeing as the crashes can be pretty brutal, Snowbird is right to describe it as carnage on their event page website. It's a good thing dummy's are used rather than real human beings...

The overall winners last year were Mid Gad Remodel and Village Maintenance... who will usurp their title? Head to Snowbird tonight for what's sure to be an entertaining event!