Get in the best shape of your life. CrossFit Park City can get you there quickly with dedication and commitment.
This coming Saturday, November 8th, CrossFit Park City will celebrate its grand opening with free introductory clinics at 10:30am and 1:30pm. The introductory sessions will feature an overview of the CrossFit concept, instruction on basic movements, demonstrations and an optional opportunity to work out. The newly outfitted gym is located at 2730 Rassmussen Road – next to Burt Brothers and just behind Sticks & Stones furniture store.
CrossFit is a general physical preparation fitness program which creates elite levels of health and fitness. CrossFit benefits all ages and abilities with the goal of a CrossFit athlete to simply to be as fit as possible in all athletic domains. The training is intense, efficient, and fun.
“Anyone can do CrossFit.” said a 44-year old female CrossFitter, “Last week I was in a class with two women in their forties, a professional skier, a 60-year old grandmother, a recent college grad, a couple of dads who race bicycles on the weekend and even professional personal trainer who comes to CrossFit to get his workout. We all did the same workout, but we each worked to our own ability.”
CrossFit has a higher retention rate than most other fitness programs:
¬ Save time: Most workouts are 15-25 minutes in length
¬ Variety: No two workouts are alike – the variety keeps it interesting and specialization is the enemy
¬ Results: Most people see positive results in less than three weeks
¬ Flexible schedule: Classes run at 6, 7, 8, 9am and 4:30, 5:30pm. Participants can choose different class times that fit their busy schedules
¬ Scalable: Everyone does the same workout a little differently, one person might be using 10 pound dumbells and another might be using 135 pounds!
¬ No long-term contracts: Because we’re confident that you’ll love CrossFit, there
are no sign-up fees and no long-term contracts
¬ Fun: CrossFit offers a non-competitive atmosphere; and
¬ Affordable: It is like having a personal trainer, without the high price tag.
“I go to a CrossFit class three times a week. Most days I’m in and out of the gym in under
and hour – and I’m more fit than I’ve ever been.” says a local schoolteacher.
A special offer for those who sign up at the Grand Opening for three classes a week: The
first month is only $100.
CrossFit is a fun, fitness class that never gets boring – and no matter what your fitness goal, CrossFit can get you there. One dedicated CrossFitter told us: “I had tried every diet in the world and couldn’t get rid of those 10 extra pounds. I started CrossFit and dialed in my food intake to start eating more clean – and lost 14 pounds in just three months. Other activities I do out of the gym, like skiing, improved too!”
This Saturday, November 8th, in addition to the free introductory classes, current CrossFit participants will be on-hand to answer questions. No reservations are necessary for the 10:30am and 1:30pm introductory classes. Those wanting to participate in one of the classes are encouraged to wear workout clothes and bring a water bottle.
For questions, please call CrossFit Park City at 435.640.5380 or email