So this legislative update just came in from the Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau, and I'm a little disturbed to say the least about the highlighted portion.

Why would Park City want ski athletes to be in more danger than other athletes? Why should the resorts be allowed to let young skiers with head injuries continue to ski? The evidence of the dangers of physical activity following a concussion have been well documented, and giving someone clearance without knowing the full extent of their injuries is a dangerous road to go down. Just look at Lindsay Vonn at the World Alpine Ski Championships this week - skiing "in a fog" at 70 mph doesn't seem too safe to me.

NY Times: Concussion Protocols Fail Vonn

HB0204 Our lobbyist has met with Rep. Ray who is willing to exempt ski resorts from the requirements. The amendments will be inserted in the bill in the Senate.
While this bill was thought to impact public school club and sport teams, it is written much broader to include youth sports organizations like ski, soccer, Lacrosse teams, etc.

HB 204 requires an amateur sports organization to: adopt and enforce a concussion and head injury policy; and inform a parent or guardian of the policy and obtain the parent's or guardian's signature on the policy before permitting a child to participate in a sporting event; describes the requirements of a concussion and head injury policy; requires removal of a child from a sporting event when the child is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury; and prohibits a child described in the preceding paragraph from participating in a sporting event of the amateur sports organization until the child receives medical clearance from a qualified health care provider trained in the evaluation and management of a concussion.

Protection of Athletes with Head Injuries - Ray, P. Passed the House. Currently awaiting committee assignment in the Senate.