Most coleslaw with the Miso dressing has a unique Asian flavor. Golden Miso is available in most Asian markets and is milder than regular miso. The addition of the Jicama and cilantro just set this slaw into an explosion in your mouth! Dress only a few minutes before serving as the vegetables will wilt more quickly than you would expect!

4 Cp Green Cabbage, cut to julienne and washed and drained

1 Cp Jicama, cut to thin strips( julienne)

1 ea Red Bell Pepper, cored, seed and cut to thin strips

1 Cp Cucumber, seeded and cut to thin strips

1 Cp Carrot, scrubbed and cut to thin strips

1/3 Cp Fresh Cilantro, chopped

¼ Cp Golden Miso

¼ Cp Agave Syrup

1 TBSP Fresh Lime Juice

1 TBSP Toasted Sesame Oil

1 tsp Low Sodium Soy Sauce

2 tsp Ginger, peeled and minced

1/3 Cp Grapeseed Oil

1) Make the dressing and allow for flavors to blend about 20 minutes 2) Mix all the vegetables in large mixing bowl. Keep cold until ready to serve. 3) When ready to serve, mix dressing well in case it settled. Slowly add dressing to cabbage mixture and mix, then serve!

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