The countdown begins and construction is nearly finished. City Creek is about five weeks away from its grand opening down in Salt Lake City. March 22 is the big day and people are positively buzzing about it.

A taste of City Creek that was unveiled on Wednesday--the opening of Harmons. "If you could have a palatial grocery store, this would be it," said Marty Carpenter, the Director of Communications for the Salt Lake Chamber who stopped in for the Mountain Morning Show Thursday morning. The two-story Harmons is paving the way for grocery stores to become a one-stop shop as it has a 1,000 foot dining area and even a section for cooking classes.

Not only will City Creek be hosting over 80 retailers including Nordstrom and Macy's but there will be plenty of dining options, office spaces and residential living in its 23 acres. Let's just say that City Creek will bring a large curious crowd and is expected give a good boost to the city's economy.

There is concern by some that the closure and re-opening of Gateway stores into City Creek will create hardship for the outdoor mall that was created in time for the 2002 Winter Olympics. That remains to be seen, but Gateway spokespeople still say that any business downtown is good--that the more people there are, the better business will be overall, no matter if they are shopping at City Creek or Gateway.

Here is some footage PCTV shot of City Creek last fall.


What are you most looking forward to with the addition of City Creek to Downtown SLC?