Earlier today, I read a great article about a group of guys in New York (where else) who meet monthly to taste and rank NYC's burgers.

I suggested this to Mary Brown Malouf of Salt Lake Magazine, and she enthusiastically agreed that we should tackle a similar endeavor.
Utah has added a number of "gourmet" burger joints in recent years, places like The Counter and ACME Burger Co. where you can get anything under the sun on a piece of ground meat. Upscale places like Metropolitan have started making "fancy pants" Kobe beef sliders and the like.  Plus, storied burger chains 5 Guys and In 'n Out are making their presence felt in the state as well.
We are going to set a "burger standard" that all will have to meet (i.e. 1/2 pound, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mustard, etc.) and then we'll give each place a ranking.
Send your favorite burger joints in, or send an e-mail to comments@parkcity.tv.
Let's have some fun!