We're having Backcountry.com on the show tonight to preview some great gear for spring. Here's what they're bringing:

Vector Altimeter Watch http://Backcountry.com/store/SUN0056
Yellow, One Size $199.00

Wazee Sunglasses http://Backcountry.com/store/NTV0037
Maple Tort/Sienna, One Size $98.95

Talon 11 Backpack - 600-700cu in http://Backcountry.com/store/OSP0114
Spicy Chili Red, S/M $88.95

X-treme Hydration Pack http://Backcountry.com/store/NAT0025
Black, One Size $79.95

Minimalist Jacket - Women's http://Backcountry.com/store/MAR1075
Bluestone, M $199.95

Space Trash Recycled Belt http://Backcountry.com/store/SPC0323
One Color, L $25.46

Skeeter Hydration Pack - Kids' http://Backcountry.com/store/CAM0332>
Racing Red, One Size $29.95

Trim Brim Hat - Kids' http://Backcountry.com/store/PAT1849
Birds & Vines: Light Violet, L $29.00

Mountain Masochist Trail Running Shoe - Men'shttp://Backcountry.com/store/MON0108
Hazard, 8.5 $94.95

Con-cept Climbing Shoe http://Backcountry.com/store/MRC0041
Red/Black, 10.0 $99.95