From Logan to Moab, the Utah Avalanche Center is predicting avalanche dangers at level five (extreme) for this coming weekend because of the anticipated storm. The biggest concern is the lack of preparation the community may have if they want to head to the mountains or backcountry. Here are some things you can do to better ensure your safety.

Know the conditions before you leave so you can plan accordingly. The Utah Avalanche Center website ranks different locations in Utah with a daily risk level.

When avalanches could occur, it's smart to bring a rescue kit. BackCountry.com is a great resource to stock up on snow safety gear.

If you happen to see an avalanche coming, do the best you can to get out of the snow's path. Run, hold onto a sturdy branch, or swim if you need to.

However, the best way to be prepared is to take an avalanche safety course. Most ski resorts offer them. In Park City, White Pine Touring has safety courses as well. You can find a list of all snow safety courses offered in Utah on The Utah Avalanche Center website.

Avalanches can be very harmful if not deadly, so being prepared with the proper knowledge and equipment is the best way to stay safe.