Prepare the drool bucket! Allyn Griffiths, the man behind At Home Chef Services in Park City, Utah, joined us for the Mountain Morning Show on Tuesday morning.  Not only did he join us, but he gave us all a little taste of one of his most requested dishes: fondue...

...with all the trimmings too!

Is your mouth watering? Ours were!

Allyn prepared a Swiss cheese fondue with toasted baguette and also a Toblerone chocolate fondue--all right on the set! It was hard for the crew to pry themselves away from Allyn's creations.

Using only the finest and freshest ingredients for his delectable menus, Allyn makes every At Home Chef Service personal "from the beginning to the end."  He takes into account dietary needs, budget and guest list to create the most appropriate menu for an exceptional dining experience.

Visit for more information on "Park City's personal private chef for all your fine-dining needs"!


Photos property of At Home Chef Services.