I have been at Park City Television for 4 years now - the second longest job I've ever had.  The longest was the 8 years I spent at America Online, and I can't tell you the number of amazing people that I got to work with, many of whom have now gone on to bigger and better things.

When I first started in the newsroom, my boss assembled an incredible team of editors, including Liz Kelly, who now writes the indispensable "Celebritology" column for WashingtonPost.com and Peter Shankman, PR whiz and founder of HelpAReporterOut.com (aka HARO).  Another co-worker joined the Peace Corps and the rest of the team has scattered throughout the media world.
After we moved to our fancy headquarters in Dulles, VA, my boss was Jim Brady, and I may have learned more about how to be an effective manager from him than anyone else I've ever had.  He recently left his position as the head of WashingtonPost.com and is currently driving around the country with his equally talented wife Joan (http://joanbradyphotography.com/ ) and their two incorrigible beagles Fred and Hank.  You can follow their journey here - http://fredandhank.typepad.com/, you'd be wise to read the comments as well, this travelogue is being followed dilligently by thousands, including many influential media folks.
Why do I mention this today?  With the start of the NCAA men's basketball tournament (I don't want to get in trademark trouble for using the more common psychological description for this annual event), I'm reminded of the crowds that would gather around the AOL newsroom to watch the buzzer beaters on the one TV we had in the whole office (those were the days).  Also, the previously mentioned Peter Shankman is here in Park City, and will be a guest on my show tonight...with his followers in the tens of thousands, this could potentially be one of the biggest audiences my show has ever had tonight.
My AOL stock may have been worth next to nothing when I left the company in 2002, but the stock of its staffers continues to rise.