Three new properties have been added to the list of Utah’s Four Diamond Award winning lodges and restaurants, reports AAA Utah. Utah now has 15 Four Diamond rated lodgings and 10 Four Diamond restaurants.

Zermatt Resort and Spa in Midway, Goldener Hirsch Inn in Park City, and The Paris restaurant in Salt Lake City are Utah’s newest Four Diamond Award winning properties.

“Utah’s growing popularity as a vacation destination spot is reflected in the expanding number of our Four Diamond properties,” said Rolayne Fairclough, AAA Utah spokesperson. “These winning properties reflect high levels of quality and service. Only 3 percent of the 60,000-plus AAA Diamond Rated lodgings and restaurants receive the prestigious Four Diamond Award.”

The AAA Diamond Rating system for lodges and restaurants was instituted 33 years ago to provide members with a way to anticipate levels of service and cost in planning travel. The Salt Lake City Marriott Downtown holds the record for Utah with its 28th consecutive award. Little America Hotel has received the Four Diamond Award for 24 consecutive years. 

“To earn a Four Diamond Award, lodgings must be upscale in all areas and offer guests a wide range of amenities,” said Fairclough. “Restaurants must feature a distinctive fine dining experience, outstanding service and creative and complex menus.”

AAA’s Diamond Rating System is the only rating system that covers all of North America and one of only two that conducts physical, on-site evaluations. It is the only system that uses 65 full-time, professionally trained evaluators to inspect each property on an annual basis using a set of guidelines that are made available to all establishments.



                        Blue Boar Inn                                       12 years

                        Invited Inn                                            5 years

                        Johnson Mill Bed and Breakfast            6 years

                        Zermatt Resort and Spa                        1 year

                        Blue Boar Inn Restaurant                      6 years



                        Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa       7 years

                        Sunflower Hill Luxury Inn                      12 years


            PARK CITY

                        Goldener Hirsch Inn                              1 year

                        Grand Summit Resort Hotel                  6 years

                        Hotel Park City                                    5 years

                        Goldener Hirsch Restaurant                  5 years

                        Grappa Italian Restaurant                      2 years

                        The Glitretind                                        13 years



                        The Tree Room Restaurant                   7 years


            SALT LAKE CITY

                        Hilton Salt Lake City Center                 6 years

                        Hotel Monaco                                      9 years

                        Salt Lake City Marriott Downtown       28 years

                        Salt Lake City Marriott City Center      6 years

                        Little America Hotel                              24 years

                        Bambara Restaurant                             2 years

                        Log Haven Restaurant                          6 years

Metropolitan Restaurant                        9 years

                        The Paris Restaurant                             1 year

                        LaCaille                                                14 years


            ST. GEORGE

                        The Green Valley Spa and Resort         10 years


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