OK, so this may be a little off-topic, but I've had a lot of vampire questions running through my head today.  Maybe it's because I've been watching "True Blood" on HBO, or maybe it's because there's all this hype surrounding the release of "Twilight" or maybe it's cause I heard "The Horror of Our Love" by Ludo on the radio last night and I started laughing (while at the same time being a bit creeped out).  Anyway, all this blood-sucking has made me wonder:

  1. If vampires live forever, assuming each one creates at least one new vamp, shouldn't the world be overrun with them?
  2. Are there only a couple of smart vampires?  If you live forever, the magic of compounding interest and dividend reinvestment should mean that most of them have huge fortunes.
  3. If 1 & 2 are true, why do movies/books/tv shows always show vamps as shady characters - sure there's that whole "thirst for blood" thing, but I would assume that superrich people have many options - like say, they donate enough money to build a hospital, with the caveat that any fatal accident victims are kept alive until a vamp can come by to drain them.