The question usually starts coming up on Dec. 25th, when you look around your living room at the pile of shredded wrapping paper and the pine needles that your tree has started to shed - "what do we do with this stuff now?"

Thankfully, Recycle Utah has the answer...

SUMMIT COUNTY/PARK CITY, UTAH – This holiday season fulfill Santa’s wishes and recycle your Christmas trees, holiday wrapping, gift boxes, packing foam and packing peanuts.

Christmas trees can be dropped off between December 26, 2007 and January 13th at the following locations:

Park City — “North 40” Sports Field (access road off of Kearns Blvd. to the right of the School District office)

Jeremy Ranch — parking lot opposite the Jeremy Store

Silver Summit — Bell’s Sinclair

Christmas trees and other yard waste can be recycled any time at Summit County’s Three Mile Canyon landfill on Rte. 32.

Christmas trees will be chipped into mulch for city and county plantings. Mulch helps conserve water by preventing the soil from drying out.

Did you know most Christmas wrapping paper and tissue paper is recyclable? Everything but metallic paper and bows can be placed in the newspaper bin at Recycle Utah in Park City, and our satellite bins in Coalville, Kamas, and Kimball Junction.

Residents with curbside service should place wrapping paper in a paper bag and include it with their usual recyclables.

Recycle Utah’s center at 1951 Woodbine Way accepts cardboard and EPS white block packing foam. Many holiday gifts such as electronics, appliances and furniture are packed with white foam. Recycle Utah’s EPS foam collection prevents this bulky foam from going to the landfill. Styrofoam® type food trays, clamshells and packing peanuts are not accepted in that bin.

Your community recycling center also has a re-use program for packing peanuts. Local potters, galleries and residents re-use your peanut donations, saving them money and saving the fish and wildlife by not allowing particles of this material to find their way to streams and rivers.

Recycle Utah’s staff extends warm wishes for the holidays to all recyclers. We will be closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day. Please visit us Christmas week for all your recycling needs.