December 3, 2008


Dear Friend of the Park City Film Series,  

For 15 years, the Park City Film Series has brought together locals to relax and enjoy a great movie among friends. We know you cherish films that are unique and exceptional and that you want to experience more than what’s playing at the local megaplex. While our goal has always been to provide you with the best entertainment option in Park City, we also have a new goal this year – to reestablish our financial security and ensure our ability to continue providing quality local entertainment for years to come.

The Park City Film Series faces several financial challenges. Corporate contributions have decreased for many non-profit organizations due to this difficult economy, and the Park City Film Series has not been immune. In particular, contributions from our largest corporate benefactors have declined 70 percent during the past two years, and we have not been able to make up the difference with other corporate contributions. At the same time, the fees we must pay the motion picture industry for film rentals have continued to rise. We also continue our commitment to the community by screening more than 20% of our yearly schedule of films for free, yet the expense of renting the Jim Santy Auditorium and paying projectionists for those complimentary events must still be borne by our organization.   

As a result of these factors, the Park City Film Series has been forced to use cash reserves to cover our operating budget. Over the last two years, our available cash balance has dropped 79%. Without additional financial support from the community, it is very likely that we will deplete our cash reserves by the end of our 2008-09 season next May.  We have a wonderful organization in place committed to serving you for years to come, but in spite of the valiant efforts of our many volunteers we still need sufficient funds in order to ensure our ability to continue serving you.

The Park City Film Series should not have to go dark permanently. During your end-of-the-year tax planning, please consider a financial gift to the Park City Film Series. All donations are tax deductible and will help provide the desperately needed financial stability that will keep the Park City Film Series open for years to come.   

Please refer to the enclosed information or visit us at to make an online contribution through our secure web site.

We also warmly invite you to volunteer at Park City Film Series screenings in exchange for free admission to films and invitations to our special events. For more information about volunteering, please ask one of our volunteers or visit  

Through the generous support of Park City Film Series regulars like you during our time of need, we will be able to continue our mission of promoting an appreciation for the art of films and filmmaking within the community through your unique local film series.

Thank you for your support,
Frank Normile
Executive Director

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The Park City Film Series Board of Directors


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Yes, I’m interested in helping the Park City Film Series. Sign up for one of the following levels of support, and your name will be listed in the pre-movie slide show (unless you request otherwise). Or donate any amount you wish—no donation is too small or too big and all are tax-deductible.

  • $50 – Best Actor  (Four (4) complimentary tickets; $28 value)
  • $100Writers’ Guild  (One (1) 10-pass; $50 value)
  • $200 – Directors’ Guild  (Two (2) 10-passes; $100 value)
  • $500 – Producers’ Club  (Four (4) 10-passes, two invitations to the Board Season “Wrap” party; $ priceless)
  • $1,000 plus – Movie Mogul  (Two (2) season passes ($480 value) & invitations to Board Season “Wrap” party; $ also  priceless)

We’ll be happy to give you your gifts next time you attend the Park City Film Series  

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Thank you!