Ever since Jupiter Bowl opened last fall, it has been busy with keglers at all hours of the day and night as visitors starved for family entertainment apres-ski have flooded the place. But now that ski season has ended, how to keep that big space busy during the spring and summer months?

The answer may just be to transform from bowling alley to hopping dance club.
This Friday, Jupiter Bowl teams up with the 3Four Group to turn Jupiter Bowl into its alter ego - TENPIN. DJ Bentley will be spinning and the massive wall of video screens will have its own video mixing going on as well.
According to Jupiter Bowl management, they're hoping that this will bring in a big crowd, and may lead them to install a removable dance floor over the lanes - which would instantly give TENPIN one of the biggest dance floors in Park City, and could provide a much-needed replacement for the long-departed Suede (though I wonder how the Redstone/Newpark residents will feel about that?).
What do you think? Good for the Basin? Bad for Park City? Discuss...
- Jupiter Bowl: http://jupiterbowl.com
- 3Four Group: http://3four.net
Details about TENPIN:

Doors will open promptly at 9pm. Jupiter Bowl is located directly off Kimball Junction in Park City in the Newpark Town Center. Bowling will be $6 per game and $2.50 for shoe rental. Two game limit per group so all groups will get a chance to bowl. There will be two DJ's, dancing and plenty of drinks. This is a 21+ nightclub event.