Earlier this week I was at the Deer Valley Grocery Café shooting the Mountain Weekend Show with the multi-talented Ryan (who also directs the Mountain Morning Show). I wasn’t even hungry until I walked through the doors of that café. From the cupcakes and pastries lining the counter to the delicious and coveted Turkey Chili and canned jams and jellies, nearly everything here is from a local grower or business. I noticed on a shelf nearby that there were chocolate bars from Millcreek Cacao, a wonderful local Salt Lake Company that has joined me on the Mountain Morning Show in the past (you have to try the Himalayan Pink Salt chocolate bar!), along with many other local businesses. Ryan and I met up with Emily Summers, the Communications Director, who introduced us to Chef Jodie Rogers. Chef Jodie brought out some of the fantastic entrees the café has to offer. I’m not embarrassed to say that I could hardly wait until our interview with Jodie was over so we could dig into the food! Turkey Chili Nachos anyone?

Join me on the Mountain Weekend Show this Saturday and Sunday morning to find out more about the Deer Valley Grocery Café along with updates from all three of Park City’s ski resorts. See you then!