Thanks to Anna Bloom at the Park Record for writing up a nice little story about PCTV's 20th Birthday. Gives folks a little bit of history, as well as letting them know some of what we're doing today.

It was a much nicer treatment than what we received from KPCW on Monday. I was invited to the station to talk about our 20th birthday bash (Saturday, Sept. 1, 5-9pm @ The Canyons), and since Blair Feulner was one of the founders of the PCTV, I figured we'd talk a bit about the history as well.

Boy was I wrong. Blair rolled in to the station at 8:40am (his show starts at 8am), he sat down, barely said hi to me then went on the air. Now remember, I worked at KPCW for 2 years before joining PCTV - guess he wasn't happy to have me back. Then with a short intro, I was given about 45 seconds to give the details of our party (Saturday, Sept. 1, 5-9pm @ The Canyons), and then sent on my way. Thankfully, we're going on former PCTV host Randy Barton's show on Thursday night to talk a little bit more in-depth.

I understand the radio biz, and if we were short on time, I could see why he'd cut me off -- but we weren't. Also, I could see if it was an organization that didn't have much history in town - but we're not. Heck, they gave nearly 8 minutes to The Shop Yoga Studio last week for their 10th anniversary party, going into the history of the building, paint schemes, etc.

I daresay that PCTV has had more of an impact on tourists and residents alike over the past two decades to warrant more than a brief mention on-air. It just reinforces my issues with Blair - he professes to run a professional newsroom, yet lets personal issues dictate coverage (or non-coverage) of events. There's no objectivity, and really, is he serving the community by taking these type of attitudes towards businesses, individuals and certain pet issues?

This town has let him get away with this sort of thing for years now, I think in some ways out of fear. You don't support the station, then you get slammed or ignored by it. Even after it was revealed that he and his wife were taking in six-figure incomes (more than half of what was raised in each on-air fundraiser), nobody in town stepped up to cry foul.

We never heard any more about the multi-million dollar endowment that was supposed to be setup for the station from the proceeds of the sale of the Coalville station, the sale that netted the Feulners $900,000 as their cut of the profit...despite not putting in any of their own money to buy the station in the first place. Blair is said to be an excellent manager - yet KCPW in Salt Lake has been through more 6 general managers in 5 years, and the new GM for KPCW bombed out in less than a month. Obviously, he's a very good judge of character.

Don't get me wrong - I like KPCW. Using local volunteers as DJ's gives the station character that no other area station has. As the only daily news outlet in town, they're the first place to go for important info like school closures or when something major happens, like the avalanche in Dutch Draw. But it has flaws, and it might be time for someone to point out just what the emperor is wearing.